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Essential documents related to public examinations.

Covid 19

File1: Procedure and Health Measures 2020-21.pdf

File2: Declaration Form.pdf

File3: Exams Entrance Procedure.pdf


Cambridge International Assessment Education (CAIE)

File 1:  June 2021 Examinations Application. pdf

File 2: CAIE Information for Candidates (2020-21).pdf

File 3: CAIE Notice to Candidates (2020-21).pdf

File 4: AS and A Level, IGCSE Admissions Examination Timetable.pdf


Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Levels

File 1:  January 2021 Examinations Application.pdf

File 2: AS and A Level Admissions Examination Timetable.pdf

File 3: JCQ-Social-Media-Information-for-Candidates.pdf

File 4: Information for candidates-Written_Examinations.pdf

File 5: JCQ Unauthorised-Items-poster.pdf

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