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Before Booking A Meeting...


Please note the following when requesting a meeting with a member of the Leadership Team:

1. Most concerns/questions can be resolved by a quick discussion with the teacher. Please ensure you have first discussed the situation with the class/form/subject teacher. This can be done by catching them briefly after school, or making an appointment via the school office.

2. If, after discussion with the teacher, you feel your question is not resolved then you should make an appointment with the Deputy or Head Teacher for that section, using the booking button below.

3. You should only request a meeting with the Principal if the above steps have been followed and you still have a concern.

4. If you do book a meeting, you will receive a confirmation email. Please ensure that you arrive on time,  if you arrive late you may miss your meeting.

5. It is always our aim to try and resolve any issue quickly and efficiently, it is important to provide as much detail as possible regarding your issue when booking your meeting, so that we may already have solutions available when we meet.

Please note that all Cambridge staff will discuss any matter in a courteous and professional manner, we kindly request the same in return. We reserve the right to end any meeting where we feel a member of our staff is being spoken to aggressively or rudely.

If you still wish to book a meeting then use the button below-

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